Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kristine Hermosa's Attitude Problem

This is what Dolly Anne Carvajal stated in her column, Dollywood, the young actress superstar as having. But Star Magic defends their alaga, Kristine Hermosa, complaining about the judgment to be unfair, biased, and failing to take into account Kristine's side.

Long story short, Direk Andoy Ranay apparently had a "problem" in working with Kristine. So much that (as Dolly was told) he didn't show up to direct the last taping of his popular afternoon teleserye, Prinsesa ng Banyera.

Of course Star Magic backed up Kristine, stating that Dolly based all this on mere "hearsay." Direk Andoy even claimed on The Buzz that he finished Prinsesa ng Banyera, and in rightful fashion. Dolly, however, unable to stand the lies, fired back, claiming that her primary source was Direk Andoy himself.

Thus, it seems the brunt of the situation is now transferred back to Direk Andoy, who will probably get scolded by ABS-CBN for this undesirable tsismis against their own kapamilya.

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Anonymous said...

Kristine Hermosa is a bitch! Napakarami nang director ang nakaaway nyan, remember Director Ruel Bayani? The poor guy transferred to rival gma-7 because of her feud with kristine inspite of his long-working relationship with abs.

Huwag na tayong magtaka kung bakit nasa abs pa din sya, mas importante angartista sa kanila kaysa sa director, ganyan sa abs-cbn.