Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Precious Lara Tinanggal (Fired?) Off Wowowee

Lara Quigaman fired from Wowowee, or so the rumor goes. Many have noticed that the Precious Wowowee co-host never reappeared after the Hawaii show in Honolulu two weeks ago.

So what happened? ABS-CBN has not given an official message out regarding the issue, but apparently (based on a reliable source), Lara was taken off the show due to "breaking the rules."

It is a hard rule for Wowowee, and probably other ABS-CBN tv productions, not to have boyfriends/girlfriends tagging along. Apparently, Lara has a possessive rich Chinese guy for a boyfriend who came to the studio regularly, but was restricted to only the dressing room. According to the source, this is why Lara is unable to concentrate on the job and is usually seen rushing, in order to keep track of her boyfriend.

In fact, the relationship is affecting her career so much that her role is confined in "That's My Doc," due to restrictions (mga bawal) like she is unable to hold hands, kiss, etc.

And it seems this has cost her her position as co-host of Wowowee. She was adamant about bringing her boyfriend to Hawaii for the show even though it was a violation of the "rules." She was so stubborn, in fact, that she said to cancel her ticket. And it seems the folks at ABS-CBN canceled that and more.

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