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Bejeweled Event

Without Batting An Eyelash
Bejeweled crowd gets more bling
By Maurice Arcache
First Posted 15:49:00 04/07/2006

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Published on Page C2 of the April 7, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

JUST as the invitation had promised, palanggas, “Bejeweled!” was the fabulous launch of the precious stone-encrusted Shu Uemura’s false eyelashes and Motorola’s cool RAZR V3i mobile phone. Also sponsored by Smart Infinity, it was the most dazzling happening of the week.

Cosmo Manille’s low-profile crowd was out mixing with our town’s chic-hip partying regulars. They thought they had seen it all until brilliant and young Carissa Oledan Coscolluela of the renowned Oledan jewelers decided to embellish the latest beauty accessories from Shu Uemura’s Tokyo Lash Bar, with no less than—yes—diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, dahlings!

And to complement the eyelash collection, Carissa came up with gorgeous, awesome bejeweled Motorola RAZR V3i Phones encrusted also with fantastic precious stones.

Highlight of the night was a makeup demonstration by Shu Uemura’s chief international makeup artist, Kakuyasu Uchiide. Smart Tina Tinio had organized the program; she made everyone feel at home as we nibbled on the yummy, limitless flow of cocktail finger food courtesy of Zen Restaurant and booze care of Bailey’s.

Also making us feel at home were good-looking Motorola marketing manager Mari Litonjua and handsome Smart Infinity boss Tom Valderrama.

Invitees breezed in with their own interpretation of “dazzling glamour.” The “most dazzling people of the night” became winners of the limited jeweled collection.

Moi breezed in with Linda Oledan, who was, naturellement, trés proud of her daughter’s fantastic work; Bibing Montelibano Villanueva, blooming Anna Oledan Rodriguez and brilliant Chickie Locsin, who came with her pretty daughters, Bea and Farah.

Moi zoomed in on mother-and-daughter tandem, fashion plate Mary Ann Cuenca T. and Alessandra Tinio; popular Rep. Edmund Reyes, with his stunning wife, Camille; and hardworking socio-civic lady, Kate Gordon, on one of her rare nights out.

Hey! You’d think only the women would be interested in the bejeweled goodies, but moi spotted loads of gentlemen intently inspecting the prized items, palanggas: Duty Free Philippines top honcho Michael Kho; Carissa’s father, Buji Coscolluela; Michael James Chua; Rustan’s Dino Tantoco Pineda; and architect and Pineapple store owner Anton Barretto (who missed winning a Motorola studded with precious stones for not being there when his name was called. Pity!)

Also there were Metro Pacific’s corporate communication official David Nugent, who was with his close pal, well-liked Ipe Cruz, and Super! Tim Yap, who dashed in late.

Beautiful faces were almost everywhere: Ruffa Gutierrez Bektas; Mikee Cojuangco Jaworski; and stunning Audrey Tan Zubiri.

Two beautiful gals worked behind the scenes to make the affair a success: fab Shu Uemura team members Tessa Dragon and Xeng Zulueta.

The grand moment was the awarding of the jeweled eyelashes to the night’s dazzling lookers. Savannah Lumen received the lashes adorned with green and white diamonds; fab fashion plate Michiko Tachibana won the ruby-studded lashes; Kelly Misa won the diamond and sapphire lashes; and Hazel Espinosa won the Madonna-inspired all-diamond lashes.

Statuesque Marivic Pineda went home with Motorola’s RAZR V3i, studded with diamonds, and blue and yellow sapphire; our palangga , Margot Vargas Osmeña, brought back to Cebu the cell phone with diamonds and pink sapphire; debonair businessman Rick Yupangco won the diamond, ruby and sapphire version; and Ruffa G. got the diamond Motorola RAZR V3i.

As if all that luxurious celebrating wasn’t enough, Addict Mobile, headed by brilliant young hotshot, Luis Ang, treated everyone to an after-party celebration at Embassy’s Cuisine, with über-flowing Smirnoff Vodka.

Definitely a dazzling way, to end a stunning evening with those fabulous brands, dahlings.

Humble birthday boy

Juanito Rosales, the vice president of Ayala Corp., gave a fun birthday dinner held at the exclusive Executive Lounge of 6750 in Ayala Avenue, palanggas.

While most would mention the work and sacrifice they had to go through before they made their first million, or how they received their most prestigious award, Juanito R. humbly told his invitees he was gratified that people “recognized my contributions and took the time to attend my birthday dinner.”

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass. Well-wishers included Ayala’s pillar of strength, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, and charity-oriented, Doña Bea Miranda Zobel de Ayala, Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Jaime Ysmael Sr., Antonio Aquino and Sherisa Nuesa, dahlings.

During the bash, Nitoy recalled, “My thoughts that night were, sino ba ako that all these people would actually make time for me and accept my invitation?”

The answer is simple, sir. You’ve really come a long way, birthday boy. N’est ce pas? Cheers, palangga!


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