Saturday, May 23, 2009

Katrina Halili & Hayden Kho Sex Scandal Video (Real Download)

If you have been searching for the Katrina Halili & Hayden Kho sex scandal video but have only found the videos with Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho dancing around in their underwear--those aren't it. The actual scandal occurred in Hayden's condo unit and, as one would expect, on a bed... The image on the left is an actual screenshot of the video.

To view the video, first download the following two files:
File 1
File 2

Please be patient when downloading these files. There is usually a wait time before you are able to click the "Free Download" link.

Once downloaded, get the program HJsplit to connect the two files into one .mp4 video file. Basically, download HJsplit, extract it into a folder, double-click HJsplit, click "Join," and choose the first file.

Once joined, a single .mp4 video file will be created. In order to play the file, you will need to get an mp4 player, like this free mp4 player, and then open the video file using the player.

If you have trouble following those directions or encounter a problem, visit, leave a message in the shoutbox, and I or someone else will try and help you out.

Or, if you'd like to receive the video as one file via direct file transfer (like yahoo messenger), please subscribe to my feed and notify me about your request.

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