Monday, June 2, 2008

Sam Milby and Anne Curtis Officially Dating

Sam Milby stated on The Buzz that yes, it is true, he and Anne Curtis are exclusively dating.

Anne said that they are taking their time and going about courtship or in a proper manner, which has been a beautiful journey thus far the both of them. Both are devoted Christians, so religion also probably has an influence in their ligawan.

Sam also clarified the rumor that Anne's mom favors Luis more than she does him. He said that the reason for that is just because she has known Luis for a longer time, but it does not mean that Anne's mom dislikes Sam.

The couple frequently drop by each other's home. Recently, Sam was over at Anne's house playing X-Box video games all night. Apparently, Anne gave Sam an X-Box Elite 360 and the Rock Band game as a gift for his 24th birthday.

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