Sunday, June 1, 2008

Endorsements: Marian Replaces Angel; Angel Replaces Claudine

Marian Rivera, who was catapulted to stardom after her Marimar soap on GMA-7, will now replace Angel Locsin, who switched to ABS-CBN last year, as the new JAG denim pants endorser.

Marian avoided to comment regarding the fact that she did replace Angel as the newest JAG endorser but rather conveyed her happiness that she was selected. Together with Marian, PBB graduate Will Devaughn, who she was partnered with before in Desparadas by Regal Entertainment, will accompany her for a JAG photo shoot in Australia with a tagline "Sexier and Hotter."

Apart from this JAG commitment, Marian Rivera also has six other endorsements lined up. But Angel and her management is not phased by this "competition" conjured up by the media and public. According to Angel's manager, Becky Aguila, it was time for Angel to let go of her "tweet-ums" image and is now in a need for a more grown-up, lady-like outfit. Hence her new endorsement with a garment company.

The news is that Angel Locsin is to replace Claudine Barretto as endorser of Folded & Hung. This will apparently better complement her new, more mature roles, such as the one in her current soap with Piolo Pascual, Lobo.

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