Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gabby Updates: 700,000 PHP, Sharon Break-Up, Lucida-DS Endorsement

A few recent updates for Gabby Concepcion.

First off is 700,000 PHP to be payed by Lolit Solis. This came to a surprise to Gabby as he only found about it two weeks ago. The Court of Appeals actually awarded Gabby the case in 2004 and ordered Lolit Solis to pay him 700,000 pesos in moral and exemplary damages.

The bad news is that Lucida-DS, the glutathione whitening product that Gabby endorses, recently received bad reviews from Korina's glutathione report.

And finally, Yes! Magazine is all about Gabby this June. The issue will also cover his history with Sharon Cuneta, including their break-up, which according to Gabby was due to "outside influence."

He also says, "We did not live in a normal environment. Sharon is not a normal, ordinary person because, remember, she is a daughter of a mayor. She is rich... Not everybody is like that. And the same in my situation. I was barely 21, and I was in show business, and we were making one hit after another. Both of our lives were abnormal. We didn't see it that way back then, that's why we can't say who made a mistake or what went wrong. The whole thing was a disaster."

Sharon, on the other hand, says, "He's one of the most good-looking men in this business! In this country! So I could not have expected somebody that good-looking, that young and popular, to be very far away from temptations. Siguro, at that time, I just could not believe it because it was really the last thing I want. So, marami nang nangyayari, I don't want to get into details. Up to this day, I remind everyone, nobody knows exactly why we separated. Truth be told, once we were married, he really was not the husband that I'd dreamt of."

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