Monday, May 26, 2008

Korina Sanchez' Revealing Glutathione Report

Korina Sanchez recently made a report revealing the actual glutathione content of the top local whitening brands in the Philippine market.

The report was based on a laboratory test conducted by the Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PIPAC) with the help of the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), in which the most-used whitening products in the market today were found to have failed the test.

In the report, which was shown in the news programs The World Tonight, ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel), Bandila, and TV Patrol, the real content amounts of L-glutathione, the active ingredient in these whitening pills, were much lower than the stated amounts of the products.

The lab tests indicated that most of the major brands, including Lucida-DS and Vaniderm (endorsed by Gabby Concepcion and Toni Gonzaga, respectively), contained much less glutathione than the content claims on their labels. The glutathione content of Lucida-DS was only 4.4 mg and not 500 mg as claimed. Vaniderm, on the other hand, reportedly contained only 5.4 mg of glutathione.

MET-Tathione and Gluta-White were the only two whitening products that passed the test (and even surpassing their claimed contents), with MET-Tathione having an actual glutathione content of 257 mg out of a claimed 250 mg and Gluta-White containing 119 mg of glutathione out of 100 mg claimed.

Although the reports are beneficial to consumers, brands with negative results are looking to sue Korina Sanchez for the allegedly damaging report on their products. In particular, United Shelter Health Products, makers of whitening products Lucida-DS Glutathione and Vaniderm, accused Korina for breaching public trust and confidence and threatened to sue her for libel in all parts of the country and even outside the Philippines.

Despite the impending lawsuit, however, ABS-CBN remained by Korina's side, defending her and the credibility of the recent report.


jeger said...

i used lucida ds and i stopped already cause it has no effect. now i shift to cosmo skin glutathione. does anybody know about the actual content of their glutathione? they are claiming they have 500 mg of glutathione content.

jeger said...

what about cosmo skin glutathione? how many mg is their actual content of glutathion? they are claiming 500 mg glutathione content per cap.

Anonymous said...

Hoy Lucida/Vaniderm

Ano ba naman yan. Instead of attacking Korina, why don't you take the bull by its horns ika nga, and take another look at your product e.g. the raw materials, manufacturing process, transport, storage, etc.