Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Plus Winner: Ejay Falcon

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus finally comes to a close. Ejay Falcon, a native of Mindoro Island, has been voted as the winner for the ABS-CBN reality show.

As the grand winner, Ejay won the prize of 1.5 million PHP business package from Crystal Clear, a laptop computer, a kitchen showcase, a 46-inch LCD television set, a condominium unit, and 1 million pesos in cash. Not bad for a couple of months of playing games and sitting pretty inside a comfortable home, wouldn't you say?

The votes that came in for the Bahay ni Kuya finale are as follows:
1. Ejay Falcon - 620,934 votes (36.21%)
2. Robi Domingo - 588,116 votes (34.39%)
3. Nicole Uysiuseng - 314,582 votes (18.39%)
4. Beauty Gonzales - 186,523 votes (10.91%)

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