Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meralco - Judy Ann Santos Controversy

Drama actress superstar, Ms. Judy Ann Santos, stepped into controversy recently (which is rare) with an infomercial for electric energy company Meralco.

Apparently, Meralco utilized Juday as a spokesperson in a commercial justifying the already controversial Lopez-owned electrical power company's action to pass on its system loss charges on to its customers, who are reportedly already being well "overcharged."

Judy Ann's Mommy Carol and long-time talent manager Alfie Lorenzo are concerned about the people's negative reaction to the commercial, with the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) making a call asking the public to boycott all of Judy Ann's films and television series. This infomercial is such a big deal that even congressmen and the MalacaƱang Palace are sounding off regarding the subject.

Many view Judy Ann's action as one of bad judgment, allowing herself to become a "tool" for Meralco and hence now taking the brunt of the blows that should have been aimed directly at the electric company.

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Anonymous said...

I am one of the fans of Judy Ann Santos but I guess I didn’t agree on her decision to side on Meralco’s issue on “system’s loss”. I thought “What was she thinking, does she even know what she was talking about and sending this false message to the Filipino people to her fans?”. She should have stayed away from this controversial issue and not be blinded by the promise of big financial gain. Now I know that Juday turned her back on us, her fans to help Meralco to continue their greed in charging us this ridiculously high electric price. I am very disappointed on you Juday…you should have thought it twice before you taking this job. Shame on you Juday!!!!