Monday, May 26, 2008

Pinoy Idol Elimination Results; Now Down to 20

Pinoy Idol is now down to 20 contestants after the first cut. Dio Paulo, Elliot Andal, Drizzle Muniz, and Bev Ejercito were the first four contestants to be eliminated on May 25.

Although the four contestants booted off the show received fair to decent comments from the judges, nothing is guaranteed on this Filipino version of the popular U.S. TV show American Idol, where results are completely dependent on text votes. This means that anyone who has a cell phone (and load) can vote and may do so an unlimited number of times.

Bago sila natanggal, Dio sang Guy Sebastian's "Angels Brought Me Here," Elliot sang Basil Valdez's "Sana'y Ikaw Na Nga," Drizzle sang Evanescence's "My Immortal," and Bev, one of the favorites, sang Patsy Cline's "Crazy."

The 10 remaining male Pinoy Idol contestants are:
Walton Zerrudo, Rye Estrada, Ram Chaves, Kid Camaya, Sherwin Marquez, Daryl Celis, Warren Antig, Toffer Rei, Robby Navarro, and JJ Jr.

And the 10 remaining female Pinoy Idol contestants are:
Regene Ong, Jayanne Bautista, Sue Ellen, Carol Leus, Penelope, Meryl David, Vren Villaflor, Mae Flores, Jeni Rawolle, and Gretchen Espina.


Anonymous said...

what a shame that bev ejercito was eliminated. she was definitely one of the top 4 singers in the group. her sophisticated style might not have appealed to pinoys who still prefer a sarah geronimo-style of singing. i hope regene ong lasts longer.

king said...

I heard people complaining about the contestants sounding too American, but I actually don’t have a problem with them singing English songs, or them sounding like American singers. The Philippine pop scene is very much infused with American culture, so it’s just normal that our talents sound similar (and at times better), than the American counterparts. Even Idol franchises in other countries have contestants singing in English and sounding like American RnB singers, and it’s all right. We can’t expect contestants to sing kundiman or Lito Camo all the time. Of course APO songs or kundiman songs can be done as one of the weekly themes, but we should’nt limit the singers to strictly singing Filipino because it just doesn’t make sense.

Now, the real deal, the show. I’m fond of the TV station GMA (and in fact think all this network war is stupid, but later found it to be interesting because it pushes both stations to produce quality). But i have to say the episodes of Pinoy Idol so far suck big time. The comments above are right. The pacing of the show is too fast, the audio quality is terrible, Jolina keeps saying “okay sya” or “gusto ko sya” (WTF??! can’t she comment on other things? in the last episode she kept on saying “improvement”, how profound), Wyngard sounds like a trying hard old guy who has a very terrible musical taste, and well, I’m not even fond of Raymund in the first place (bad diction, did this guy even finish college?). Ogie seems fine; I like it that his English is seamless and as a songwriter he comments about the quality of the voice well. Jolina is not really a good singer, should just talk about the star quality, and not just say “flat” all the time. Wyngard, well should just stop pretending he can pull off a Simon Cowell because he’s doing a very lousy job.

It’s not too late for them to save the show though. I’m pretty sure after all the angry comments from all of cyberspace, the writers should consider things seriously. They should polish the format and technical aspects of the show, and brief the hosts and judges on how to properly play their roles.