Sunday, May 18, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Plus: Priscilla Navidad Evicted

Priscilla Navidad, "The Deaf Dreamer" of Davao was the latest evictee from the Pinoy Big Brother house. She was evicted on Day 56 of the PBB Teen Edition Plus reality show run.

As her nickname insinuates, Priscilla has hearing problems. The following is a brief bio:

"Priscilla Navidad (born May 28, 1990) is a 17-year-old beauty queen from Davao. She is a hearing-impaired person who communicates through lip reading. According to her profile, she had to undergo surgery at age two, but eventually lost her hearing when she was eleven. Furthermore, her father died when she was six. Despite these obstacles, she was able to win several pageant titles, including the Miss Teen Mindanao title in 2007. To facilitate communication with her alone, Big Brother granted her request of showing his lips to her while talking under the condition that she cannot describe them to her fellow housemates. In a similar rein, viewers can only see a dim or blurred image of the lips to keep his identity vague."

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