Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Plus Eviction: Valerie Weignmann

Valerie Weignmann, the "Dazzling Doll," was the next house mate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The 18-year-old Filipino-German received 27.82% of the votes.

The boot came just 3 days after the last eviction night. Now, I don't have access to the show from here, but it seems to me that PBB Teen Edition Plus isn't as successful as it was in prior editions, based on the three day gap in between elimination.

As a little biography, Valerie was "born to a German chief cook father and a Filipina kitchen assistant mother, Valerie describes herself as the European Girl with a Filipina heart. Valerie confesses that she gets hurt whenever she hears people speak awful things about Filipinos and half-Pinoys like her and because of this, she is more comfortable hanging out with half-Pinays like her in Weisbaden. Although loves spending time with her friends, she also confesses that she enjoys the solace of her room where she would often watch Maging Sino Ka Man and Lobo on The Filipino Channel.

Valerie's lowest time in her life came when her beloved father passed away. She found it hard to move on and eventually went into a depression and neglected her studies.With Pinoy Big Brother giving her a new chance at life, this Barbie Doll hopes to find a new home in the Philippines and jumpstart her career as a successful actress who can speak very good Tagalog."

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