Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Ridiculous Upset: David Cook Wins

Well, the result is not totally unbelievable, as viewers must understand that this is not really a contest based on performance. As much as I was irritated by the result, it must be kept in mind that American Idol is a popularity contest where people vote for their "idol."

But in actuality, it is a money-making scheme as well as a popularity contest, which produces even more ridiculous results, especially when the voting is via unlimited texting where "fan"-atics are able to vote several (an unlimited amount) times for their favorite idol. How fair is that?

It's not, and that's why the better singer, David Archuleta, lost tonight. And if I was David Cook, I would have felt worse had I been given the win, when David Archuleta was obviously the rightful winner based on performance and singing talent. And it appeared that David Cook prepared himself for a loss, as he seemed to had already conceded the contest even before the winner was announced. And when he heard his name proclaimed as the new American Idol, his surprised reaction only added to the notion that he should have lost.

Anyways, they both won cars, both will probably get a recording contract one way or another, and both will probably eventually get rich. Life goes on.

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