Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol Finale Showdown: David vs. David

As expected, the finale for American Idol will be a battle between David Archuleta vs. David Cook. Syesha Mercado was booted off, not to the surprise of many.

Still, it was a nerve-racking wait before the predicted result was heard. American Idol did a good job of hyping up the competition by video taping the contestants' return to their respective hometowns.

David Archuleta returned to Murray, Utah to the shrieks of many teenage girls. There he revisited his high school and shed tears of joy from the overwhelming reception. It was proclaimed "David Archuleta Day" by a wire-mustached fellow. And the VTR was concluded by a clip of Archuleta singing "Imagine" by John Lennon to a very attentive crowd.

Syesha Mercado came back to Sarasota, Florida to not only bask underneath the beautiful sunshine, but also in her fans' adoration. She sang "Rolling on the River," but next to the rolling waves of the beach. Supporters were in a frenzy. A mother passed Syesha her baby and asked for a picture to be taken; another fan, who was an old lady, did a hand stand out of all the excitement.

David Cook when back home to Kansas City, Missouri in style--inside a private jet. He, too, had a chance to visit his high school and took the opportunity to thank his music teacher for the inspiration. He sang to a jam-packed crowd in downtown Kansas City. It was also revealed that his brother was the reason for his auditioning in American Idol.

After the VTRs, they held hands and awaited anxiously for the result, which as I have mentioned already, was bad news for Syesha. She heads home, and we are left with a head to head clash between the two Davids. Let the battle begin...

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